Details of this years Oscar Preston Memorial Trophy have been released

On 9th November at 8:00 pm at the Red Lion West Deeping we will be holing our annual song concert dedicated to solo artists. Some prefer to just sing, others to accompany themselves on their instrument. But it is always solo. The evening starts with our communal Big Sing – nothing dull or morbid please.Continue reading “Details of this years Oscar Preston Memorial Trophy have been released”

Back To Normal Capacity

Subject to there being no new Covid restrictions, we will return to our normal capacity of 90 seats starting in September. However, please do not come if you have tested positive for covid or if you have been told that you have been in contact with someone who has covid.

Brooks Williams and Aaron Catlow – – 23rd June 2022

This weekend sees Glastonbury but tonight we have Bastonbury! Not for us smoothies made from foraged dandelion leaves or crowd surfing towards the front of the stage. No, we Bastonites are much more civilized, and laidback, we appreciate musicianship of the highest order. So it will come as no surprise that’s exactly what we gotContinue reading “Brooks Williams and Aaron Catlow – – 23rd June 2022”