Granny’s Attic – 25th May 2023

Good things come in threes and tonight was no exception. This is the third time that Granny’s Attic – Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne, George Sansome and Lewis Wood – have visited Baston, the previous occasions being April 2019 and September 2021, so tonight’s May 2023 visit continues the once-every-two-years pattern. I knew I was in for yetContinue reading “Granny’s Attic – 25th May 2023”

Brian Kell wins the 2022 Oscar Preston Memorial Trophy

12 singers came to this year’s contest at the Red Lion in West Deeping. The winner is voted for by the singers themselves. By just one point, former winner Brian Kell took the prize with a traditional (funny but reminiscent) song ‘I wish they would do it now’. The competitors gave us songs which coveredContinue reading “Brian Kell wins the 2022 Oscar Preston Memorial Trophy”

Back To Normal Capacity

Subject to there being no new Covid restrictions, we will return to our normal capacity of 90 seats starting in September. However, please do not come if you have tested positive for covid or if you have been told that you have been in contact with someone who has covid.

28th September 2023 : Aaron Catlow & Kit Hawes

One of the most exciting duos to emerge from the UK in recent times, Kit Hawes & Aaron Catlow combine heartfelt musicality, unparalleled virtuosity and vocal harmony. Using the folk music of the British Isles as a catalyst, Kit and Aaron create dynamic and effervescent interpretations of centuries-old material as well as original songs andContinue reading “28th September 2023 : Aaron Catlow & Kit Hawes”