What To Expect at a Baston Barn Concert

Baston Barn

Situated on the Baston Village playing fields, The Baston Barn is a small village hall capable of holding an audience of about 100 people.
The concert area consists of two rooms linked by an almost full width partition which we pull fully open. People in both rooms get full view of the artists but the artists, from the stage, see the audience in an L shaped configuration.

It easy to drive to from all parts of our area – use the post code PE6 9PA in your satnav.

Wheel chair access is available.

The Baston Barn has been our home since November 2004 when our guest was Les Barker. It is run as a village facility by a local support group who hire out the Barn and local sports facilities to a number of daytime and evening groups.

The Concerts

Tickets cost £15.00
Each concert will start at 8:00pm.

To make a reservation for any of our concerts please phone Alan or Maggie on 01778 560497

Admission is £15 and you pay on the door when you arrive. Correct cash please…..thanks.

At the start of each concert our MC, Alan may well do a couple of warm-up songs, read out a few notices and generally insult a few people. He will then introduce and hand over to professional and top class artists who will provide two 45 minute sets and usually an encore.

The whole concert might last up to about 10:45 but generally ends between 10:15 and 10:30

We do occasionally organise Big Sings or Tunes Nights in one of the local pubs but we have many friends who organise regular pub nights and you are welcome to join in at one of those meetings.

Except in cases where the band is very large (only once) – all artists are on a stage and audience chairs are arranged so that the artists can be seen from all parts of the hall.

Not all concerts have amplified sound but, if used, then our highly professional sound engineer is guaranteed to make it both unobtrusive and certain to enhance the listeners enjoyment of the show.


The artists almost invariably have a small shop where they sell CDs and perhaps other merchandise.

Even if you are not buying, many artists are happy to chat about their music, gigs, etc


In the interval, we always hold a raffle for prizes donated by some of the organisers, regular attendees and sometimes the guest artists.

All of the the proceeds from the raffle go to the general funds, they are used to hire the hall and book more top artists.
The raffle is a major contributor to the funds and the running of the raffle often adds to the entertainment for the evening.


Except on the few occasions when we have to leave the Barn and set up in a pub, you will need to bring your own refreshments.

If you are bringing bottles, please remember to bring your bottle opener. If you bring glasses, you may find it difficult to put them down – the floor between your feet and under your chair is the only flat surface – we do not have room for tables

Please take your empty bottles and glasses home with you