Previous Concerts at The Barn

The following is a list of the artists who have appeared in the Barn concerts. It is our intention to continue to present nationally and internationally known groups and solo artists as well as some newer award winning acts or combinations.

The sessions at the Barn started in November 2004. Prior to this date, we ran special concerts in village halls and pubs, the details of some of these are at the bottom of this page. From the start, it was our intention to provide folk fans in this area with the chance to see leading and developing artists in a local setting.

We aim to put on 10 concerts a year and as you can see from other sections of this site, we have artists booked for up to a year in advance. As each concert is completed, the names etc will be moved to this page.


Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies (Jan), Phil Beer & Paul Downes (Feb), FARA (Mar), The Wilderness Yet (Apr), Granny’s Attic (May)


Sarah Matthews & Doug Eunson (Jan), Jack Rutter (Feb), Kathryn Tickell & Amy Thatcher (Mar), Anna Massie & Mairearad Green (Apr), Belshazzer’s Feast (May), Brooks Williams & Aaron Catlow (Jun), Will Pound & Jenn Butterworth (Sep), Kimber’s Men (Oct), Coracle (Nov), Magpie Lane (Dec)


Granny’s Attic (Sep) , Daoiri Farrell (Nov), Jackie Oates & John Spires (Dec)


The Shackleton Trio (Jan), The Trials of Cato (Feb). The rest of the 2019/20 season was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions


The Outside Track (Jan), Moirai (Feb), Tim Edey (Mar), Granny’s Attic (Apr), Magpie Lane (Jun), Alden Patterson and Dashwood (Sep), The Askew Sisters (Oct), Cardboard Fox (Nov) , Vicki Swann & Johnny Dyer (Dec)


Martin Simpson(Jan), Sam Kelly & Jamie Francis (Feb), Nightfall (Mar), Chris Sherburn, Danny Bartley & Emily Sanders (Apr), Vickie Swan & Jonny Dyer (May), Alistair Russell & Chris Parkinson (Jun), Cancelled (Sep), The Andy May Trio (Oct), GreenMatthews (Nov), Sunjay (Dec)


Ninebarrow (Jan), Alden, Patterson & Dashwood (Feb). Kathryn Tickell & Amy Thatcher (Mar), Calan (support set – Dan Wilde) (Apr), Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies (May), Sally Barker & Brooks Williams, Phil Beer(Sep), FARA (Oct), Molsky’s Mountain Drifters (Nov), Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar(Dec)


John Kirkpatrick (Jan), Claire Mann & Aaron Jones (Feb), Cardboard Fox (Mar), Anna Massie & Mairearad Green (Apr), Saul Rose & James Delarre (May), Alistair Anderson & Northlands (Jun), The Jaywalkers (Sep), The Dovetail Trio (Oct), Lady Maisery (Nov), Double Bill – Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham, Cupola (Dec).


Double Bill : Haddo (Will & Nicky Pound), Les Barker (Jan), Chris Sherburn & Findlay Napier (Feb), Sun Jay (Mar), Fiona Hunter & Mike Vass (Apr), The Young ‘Uns (May), The Teacups (Jun), The Coal Porters (Sep), Aly Bain, Ale Moller, Bruce Molsky (Nov3), The Urban Folk Quartet (Nov26), Greg Russell & Ciran Algar(Dec).


Alistair Russell & Chris Parkinson(Jan), The Long Hill Ramblers(Feb), Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar(Mar), Anna Massie and Mairearad Green(Apr), Cupola(May), The She Shanties(Jun), The Outside Track(Sep), Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies(Oct), Kevin Dempsey & Rosie Carson(Nov), Double Bill : Liam Robinson Band : Keith Kendrick & Silvia Needham(Dec).


Maz O’Connor Trio(Jan), Heidi Talbot with John McCusker and Ian Carr(Feb), The Mellstock Band(Mar), The Askew Sisters(Apr), Kimber’s Men(May), Jon Boden(Jun), Brooks Williams(Sep), Skyhook(Oct), Tim Edey & Brenden Power(Nov), Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston(Dec).


Brooks Williams(Jan), The Outside Track(Feb), Lady Maisery(Mar), Roger Wilson(Apr), The Young’Uns(May), Jez Lowe and The Bad Pennies(Jun), Magpie Lane(Sep), Double Bill of Katherine Hurdley & Alex Percy; and Roger Davies(Oct) Martin Simpson, Andy Cutting & Will Pound(Nov), Belshazzar’s Feast(Dec).


Phil Beer and Miranda Sykes with guest Rex Preston(jan), Emily Smith with Jamie McLennan and Duncan Lyall(Feb), The Young Un’s(Mar), Mike and Ali Vass(Apr), Belshazzar’s Feast(May), Alistair Russell & Chris Parkinson(Jun), Colum Sands(Sep), Fay Hield Trio(Oct), John Kirkpatrick(Nov), Vicki Swann & Jonny Dyer(Dec).


Phil Beer and Miranda Sykes(Jan), Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies(Feb), Coope, Boyes & Simpson(Mar), Claire Mann & Aaron Jones(Apr), Grace Notes(May), Skyhook(Jun), Hannah James & Sam Sweeney(Sep), John Tams and Barry Coope(Oct), Mary Humphreys and Anahata(Nov), Martin Simpson and Andy Cutting(Dec).


Kathryn & Peter Tickell(Feb), Tom McConville with Clair Mann & David Newey(Mar), Chris Newman & Moire Ni Chathasaigh(Apr), John Tams & Barry Coope(May), Last Orders with Maz O’Connor(Jun), Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick(Sep), High Level Ranters(Oct), The Outside Track(Nov)


The Sultans Of Squeeze(Jan24), The New Rope String Band(Jan31)(Baston School Hall), Six Hands In Tempo(Feb), Last Orders(Mar), Mike & Ali Vass(Apr), Peggy Seeger(May) (at St Firmins Church, Thurlby), Ruth Notman with Hannah Edmunds and Saul Rose(Jun), Hoover The Dog(Sep), Mary Humphreys and Anahata(Oct), The Mellstock Band(Nov) (at St John the Baptist Church, Baston), Kerfuffle(Dec).


Gordon Giltrap (Jan), Tom McConville with Clair Mann & Aaron Jones (Feb), The Wilsons (Mar), The Witches Of Elswick (Apr), Maalstroom (May), Devils Interval (Jun), Karen Tweed & Roger Wilson (Sep) , The Music Of The Carter Family (Oct), John Spires & Jon Boden (Nov), Alistair Anderson & Martin Simpson (Dec2), Belshazzar’s Feast (Dec27)


Chris Wood & Andy Cutting (Jan), Hex with Paul Bellamy & Mark Campbell (double bill) (Feb), Kathryn Tickell & Corrina Hewat (Mar9), Will Noble & John Cocking (Mar23), Alistair Russell & Chris Parkinson (Apr), Roy Bailey (May), Bayou Seco (Jun), Colum Sands (Sep), Grace Notes (Oct), Jim & Lynette Eldon with Ock ‘N Dough (Double Bill) (Nov), Kerfuffle (Dec)


Isla St. Clair (Mar), John Kirkpatrick (Apr), John Spires & Jon Boden (May), Harriet Bartlett (Jun), The Witches Of Elswick (Sep), FereBandAperta (Oct), Ira Bernstein & Riley Baugus (Nov4), The John Dipper Band with Alice Jones (Nov24), Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher (Dec)


Les Barker (Nov), Kerfuffle (Dec)

Pre 2004

Before the Barn, we held song nights with guests in local pubs and village halls. However, we did not keep a list of these events, but if you were there and did make an entry in your diary (it was probably written in one of those little books you got free every year, not the on-line one you now use) please help us to correct or fill in these details.

The Horseshoe – Thurlby up to 2003

John Spires and Jon Boden, Ruth Price and Sadie Greenwood, Simon Heyward.

The Blue Bell – Easton On The Hill – 2004

Bill Waley and Dave Fletcher

Braceborough Village Hall – Mid 2004

James Fagen & Nancy Kerr (June), Uiscedwer (Sep)

Other Concerts

We have also occasionally returned to our song nights with guests (again, these lists are not complete).

The Spinning Wheel – Now renamed to The White Horse – Baston

FereBandAperta, Natterjack’s Strolling Mummers.

The Red Lion – West Deeping – 2008 – 2013

Natterjack’s Strolling Mummers

Greatford Village Hall Feb/March 2012. Baskervilles now renamed Black Horse – Baston Jan 2015

These two locations were used when the Barn was being refurbished. The concerts are listed in the main list above.