Baston Traditional Music

We are back and running our concerts. We have a modified name and a new web site (still under construction) but the same venue and same format.

Covid has of course affected the way we operate but we are determined to carry on and return to normal as soon as possible

Until further notice, we have reduced the size of the Barn audience to just over 50 people. Chairs have been spaced out and we are trying to maintain a higher level of ventilation by using the big doors at either end of the hall.

Entrance price has been raised to £15 each. This is the first price rise in many years. We are still running the raffle to provide further much needed funds for the concerts.

Where a concert is shown as FULLY BOOKED, you can send your email contact details to Maggie (see contact page) stating your interest in that concert. We often get a few ‘returns’ from our regulars and we will offer these tickets to people on the waiting lists.

Returns are normally processed in the week leading up to the concert but some times we may contact you on the day of the concert

Coming To The Barn

Please note the date and day – it is almost always the fourth Thursday in the month, but it does sometimes change.

The full list of booked acts is shown in the Concerts Schedules page

Latest News

  • Seating and Covid Measures
    We are doing what we can to reduce the risk of Covid infection at the Barn Concerts. Events start at 8 pm and are likely to be finished by 10.30pm at the latest. Doors will be open from 7pm…unreserved seating. There will currently be no PA. Guest artists will perform 2 X 45 minute setsContinue reading “Seating and Covid Measures”
  • Why The New Site?
    Our old site was supported and supplied by Lincolnshire County Council Communities – a group within the council who provided resources for any community led group activity. It was a simple site and easy for non-technical people to manage. However, during the pandemic the site was taken down and will probably not be replaced WeContinue reading “Why The New Site?”