About Us

Baston Traditional Music

Formally Traditional Music and Song at Baston Barn

Quick History

We have been presenting the best of UK and international Folk and Traditional Music since 2004 with over 100 concerts by world class artists and bands.

The concerts grew out of folk nights in local pubs, when featured artists were invited to come along to add to the entertainment.

We are not a club, just a small group of people who run concerts. These are not open mic song or music nights – though many of the artist do invite participation on some of their sets.
We don’t have members, just a large group of regulars who simply tell Maggie that they would like to come to a particular session and then pay on the night.

Normal Schedule

Starting each September and running through to the following June, we try to run 10 concerts a year on the fourth Thursday of the month. Sometimes we have to miss a date (Christmas etc) or change to another day. Please check out the full schedule of concerts.

Booking Your Seat

Please book your place by calling Maggie or talking to her during the previous concert – it is a small hall and unless we are expecting you, we may not be able to let you in.
However, even if we are ‘Sold Out’ it is worth calling Maggie and getting your name on our reserves list. We get cancellations right up to the afternoon of the event.

Get In Touch

We do not run a formal mailing list but Maggie does try to keep contact details for as many people as possible.

To book your place call her on 01778 560497 or 07593084549 or a.wood571@btinternet.com


We do not have any presence on the normal social media channels (if you see any social media flags on any page on this site, they are dummy links which are part of the normal template we use and could take you anywhere).

If you want us to try to keep you informed, then make sure Maggie has your telephone number and email but this is not a guaranteed means of communication.

This web site will be used for news and events. It will always be updated if there is a change to the advertised concert.


We have booked and will continue to book the best UK and international artists.

The Coming To The Barn pages show those who are coming soon. We are generally working up to 18 months in advance with our booking schedule.

The Previous Events Pages show who has performed at one of our earlier sessions.


Our resident journalist and reviewer Toby Wood (no relation to the Woodies) often writes an article which is published here soon after an event. We keep these articles on line for a few months.

In some cases, the article is also published in Folk Magazines.

Booking Policy

Baston Traditional Music organises just ten concerts each year.

There is a huge range of excellent artists to choose from and we have to turn away the vast majority of people who contact us.

We generally only book artists that the organisers have seen in performance.

Promotional CDs, and recommendations are unlikely to secure booking.

If you are a performer or group that we believe will go down well with our audience then the chances are that we will eventually be in touch.

Please resist the temptation to contact us.

Our concerts rarely feature any support acts