Toby’s Concert Reviews

Will Pound & Jenn Butterworth

During most of our concerts Toby Wood will take photos of the artists and then write a short review. We will publish his review here and you might also see it in one of the Folk Magazines.

We generally keep the review online for about 3 months. But if you want to see a full list of all the acts we have ever had at the Barn (or at some of the other Halls we have had to use when the Baston Barn is not available), then take a look at our Previous Concerts page.

Will Pound & Jenn Butterworth – – 22nd September 2022

Well here we are – a new (school) year, meeting up with old friends again and catching up with those ‘what I did in the summer’ stories. This year so far has been somewhat different, the Elizabeth II era has ended and we now have that strange feeling of a new king – Charles III. Perhaps it may not be long before Sweet Carolean is expected to be sung at all gatherings. Tonight’s guests, Will Pound and Jenn Butterworth, are worthy of kicking off this new season/era at Baston. Will played here in November 2012 with Martin Simpson and AndyContinue reading “Will Pound & Jenn Butterworth – – 22nd September 2022”

Brooks Williams and Aaron Catlow – – 23rd June 2022

This weekend sees Glastonbury but tonight we have Bastonbury! Not for us smoothies made from foraged dandelion leaves or crowd surfing towards the front of the stage. No, we Bastonites are much more civilized, and laidback, we appreciate musicianship of the highest order. So it will come as no surprise that’s exactly what we got tonight, the concert by guitarist Brooks Williams and fiddle player Aaron Catlow being a fine way to end the current season. Georgia-born but now British citizen Brooks has played here before. Tonight he plays us Dave Alvin’s King of California, reminding us that he isContinue reading “Brooks Williams and Aaron Catlow – – 23rd June 2022”

Belshazzar’s Feast – 26th May 2022

Concert Review (Including photos) by Toby Wood Paul Sartin and Paul Hutchinson have been here before, exactly eleven years ago to the day (26 May 2011) and as part of their Christmas 2012 tour. Now, in 2022, they have decided to hang up their touring boots. As they say on their website, “You’ve already had too much of a good thing. We’ve long outstayed our welcome in the Travelodges, service stations and garden centres of the world, so it’s high time we headed for new pastures/put out to grass. Catch us while you can!” And that’s exactly what Baston’s audienceContinue reading “Belshazzar’s Feast – 26th May 2022”