Brian Kell wins the 2022 Oscar Preston Memorial Trophy

12 singers came to this year’s contest at the Red Lion in West Deeping. The winner is voted for by the singers themselves.

By just one point, former winner Brian Kell took the prize with a traditional (funny but reminiscent) song ‘I wish they would do it now’.

Brian Kell
Brian Kell, Winner of the 2022 Trophy

The competitors gave us songs which covered a range of national settings – Australia, Ireland, England with various topics such as whaling, farming and boasting (Darby Ram and Norwich Goal) with others, like Brian’s comparing the ‘old days’ with now.

Before and after the competition the singers as musicians joined many of the audience in a sequence of big tunes and occasional songs.

Thanks again to Frazer, Emma and their staff at the Red Lion in West Deeping, for hosting our annual competition.